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Mat Siems: A Diverse Portfolio

  "From Agile Consultant to Tech Innovator"

Mat Siems has cultivated a rich and diverse career in technology and agile delivery, marked by significant roles at prestigious companies. This portfolio offers an in-depth overview of each role, highlighting the skills, projects, and contributions Mat has brought to the industry.



  • Title: "Mat Siems: A Diverse Portfolio: Showcasing a Career in Tech and Agile Delivery"
  • Subtitle: "Showcasing a Career in Tech and Agile Delivery"
  • Tagline: "From Agile Consultant to Tech Innovator"
  • Description: "An overview of Mat Siems' career, highlighting key roles and contributions to the tech industry."
  • Keywords: Agile Delivery, Tech Consultant, AI Development, Project Management, Scrum Master


# Mat Siems: A Diverse Portfolio
- Showcasing a Career in Tech and Agile Delivery
- From Agile Consultant to Tech Innovator
- An overview of Mat Siems' career, highlighting key roles and contributions to the tech industry.
- RWS, Dun and Bradstreet/Cogniflare, Account Technologies, Sainsbury, Open Play, Brittany Ferries, NBC Universal, M-Kopa/Microsoft, Citizens Advice, Expedia

## Topics
- RWS: Streamlining Translation Solutions
- Dun and Bradstreet/Cogniflare: Navigating Cloud Migration with GCP
- Account Technologies: Financial Product Innovation
- Sainsbury: Marketing Vouchers Data Pipeline Integration
- Open Play: E-commerce and Leisure Management Integration
- Brittany Ferries: E-commerce Solution Leadership
- NBC Universal: VoD Solution Excellence
- M-Kopa/Microsoft: Empowering Emerging Markets
- Citizens Advice: Strategic CMS Transition
- Expedia: Global Merchandising Platform Development

RWS: Technical PM/Scrum Master & AI Consultant

"Streamlining Translation Solutions"

At RWS, Mat played a pivotal role in delivering and analyzing multiple phases of a translation solution, integrating various systems into a streamlined workflow. This role demanded technical documentation prowess, software delivery acumen, and adept management of internal and external stakeholder requirements.

Dun and Bradstreet/Cogniflare: Technical PM/Scrum Master

"Navigating Cloud Migration with GCP"

Mat spearheaded the analysis and delivery of a GCP cloud migration project at Dun and Bradstreet/Cogniflare. This role involved intricate management of external stakeholders, requirement gathering, and regular progress reporting, showcasing Mat's strategic and technical proficiency.

Account Technologies: Analysis and Delivery

"Financial Product Innovation"

In this role, Mat was instrumental in analyzing and delivering a financial product for Account Technologies. His responsibilities included managing internal stakeholder reporting and leading the project to success, highlighting his ability to drive financial and tech innovations.

Sainsbury: Technical Delivery Manager - Data Pipeline

"Marketing Vouchers Data Pipeline Integration"

Mat's expertise was pivotal in developing and delivering the Marketing Vouchers Data Pipeline at Sainsbury. He managed the integration of a CI/CD Financial Data Pipeline with Snowflake and Jenkins CI, demonstrating his skills in data management and agile methodologies.

Open Play: Technical Agile Consultant - E-commerce integration

"E-commerce and Leisure Management Integration"

At Open Play, Mat managed and delivered an e-commerce solution integrated with Leisure Management Memberships and Payments Systems. Collaborating with cross-functional teams and key stakeholders, he showcased his ability to lead complex e-commerce integrations.

Brittany Ferries: Digital Transformation Consultant

"E-commerce Solution Leadership"

Mat led the delivery of an e-commerce solution at Brittany Ferries, implementing an integrated e-commerce booking solution with payments and content delivery platforms. This role demonstrated his leadership in digital transformation efforts.

NBC Universal: Scrum Master / Delivery Manager

"VoD Solution Excellence"

At NBC Universal, Mat oversaw the delivery of an e-commerce Video on Demand solution, managing the financial software solution and content delivery platforms. This role highlighted Mat's versatility in managing high-stakes projects in the entertainment industry.

M-Kopa/Microsoft: Technical Product Manager

"Empowering Emerging Markets"

Mat delivered a combined hardware/software product aimed at emerging markets at M-Kopa/Microsoft, implementing a micro-finance software solution. This role underscored Mat's commitment to leveraging technology for social impact.

Citizens Advice: Analyst and Technical Consultant

"Strategic CMS Transition"

Mat managed the CMS transition from .Net (EPiServer) to a PHP solution at Citizens Advice, analyzing current CMS pain points and recommending optimal solutions. This position showcased Mat's analytical prowess and communication skills.

Expedia: Technical Project Manager

"Global Merchandising Platform Development"

At Expedia, Mat led the technical feature development of the Global Merchandising platform, implementing multiple iterations of CMS for merchandisers. This role highlighted Mat's skill in managing and evolving large-scale e-commerce platforms.

Finalizing Mat Siems' diverse portfolio with the remaining roles:

Visual DNA: Technical Delivery Manager

"Driving Mobile and Web App Innovations"

At Visual DNA, from September 2012 to June 2014, Mat led the team of Android and iOS developers in delivering bespoke internal and client apps. This role involved the delivery of both web and mobile applications, including the Imagini MOOD Personality App and QuizYourself. Mat's leadership in this role was pivotal in driving mobile and web app innovations, showcasing his ability to manage and deliver complex software solutions.

Key Achievements Across Various Projects

"Showcasing Versatility and Expertise"

Mat's career also features several key achievements across various projects, further illustrating his versatility and expertise in the tech and agile delivery domains. These include:

  • Scoping of custom social CMS solutions for Ebay Sales Academy and AstraZeneca Japan.
  • Implementation of the Vodafone Event Campaign CMS and Android Application.
  • Delivery of content-based e-learning web applications for the Science Museum of London.
  • Development and delivery of interactive web applications, including the Waybuloo Nevaland and Ed And Oucho, showcasing Mat's ability to engage and captivate audiences through digital media.
  • Creation and delivery of custom CMS with interactive content and development of e-learning modules and games for BBC Jam, highlighting Mat's contribution to educational and engaging content delivery.


Mat Siems' portfolio is a testament to his broad expertise, leadership, and innovative approach to technology and agile project delivery. From leading digital transformations to pioneering mobile and web app development, Mat has demonstrated a consistent ability to drive projects to success. His roles across various industries have not only contributed to his professional growth but also to the technological advancement and efficiency of the organizations he has worked with. Mat's career showcases a profound dedication to excellence, innovation, and the impactful use of technology to solve complex challenges.