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Mat Siems

Mat Siems: AI Agile Automation


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AI Agile Automation: AI Consulting, Scrum Mater & TPM with GPT4 Turbo, Python & GPTs Agents creation

AI Agile Automation (Current Favorite stacks)

  1. AI: GPT4 Turbo, Dalle-3, GPTs Agents(Assistants), APIs
  2. DEV: VSC, Python, FastAPI, bs4, MongoDB, Jinja2, HTML, JS, CSS
  3. Cloud: GitHub, AWS EC2, S3, Route53, NGINX, ssl
  4. Agile: Scrum, Kanban, Lean, MVP, JIRA, Backlog, Sprints, User Stories
  5. PM: Roadmap, stakeholder management, planning, analytics, reports
  6. DOCS: Confluence, MKDOCS, markdown, GDOCS (docs, sheets, slide)
  7. Other: Gmail, Slack, Zapier

In a nutshell

  • Passionate about AI Technologies, Agile Delivery and shipping Software Products
  • 15+ years of experience in web products development and delivery (Python, FastAPI, MongoDB, JS) for the BBC, AOL, DoubleClick (Google) and RWS
  • 10+ years of Scrum Delivery facilitating sprints ceremonies and delivering product increments
  • Delivery of Agents (GPT4 assistant), web and native Apps (iOS, Android), e-commerce and custom solutions, CMS, mobile apps and games using third party APIs with the
  • Cloud Computing Experience (AWS, GCP & Azure)

Skills: AI, Agile & Automation

  1. AI: GPT4 Turbo, Dalle-3, GPTs Agents(Assistants), APIs
  2. Agile: Scrum, MVP, Kanban, Lean, cross functional team
    1. Scrum: JIRA, Backlog, Sprints, Board, User Stories, AC, Plan, Daily, Reviews & Retros
    2. PM: Roadmap, stahkeholder management, planning, analytics, reports, BI, project delivery
    3. DOCS: Confluence, MKODCS, markdown, GDOCS (docs, sheets, slide), Slack
  3. TECH & Automation:

    1. DEV: VSC, Python, FastAPI, top libs (bs4), MongoDB, JSON, Jinja2, HTML, JS, CSS
    2. Devops: CI/CD, build, test, deploy, GitHub,
    3. Cloud: AWS (EC2, S3, Route53),GCP , Azure, NGINX, ssl
  4. Other: Finance, Social skills, Security Cleared (SC), problem solving, Analytical skills, Migration

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