Skura – Technical Project Manager / Business analyst/ Head flash developer (2008) Overall Budget: £200k+ Key Responsibilities:

  • Scoping and monitoring the project
  • Development of flash projects using ActionScript 3
  • Planning, analyzing, designing of flash solutions
  • Use of Agile methodology

Key Achievements:

  • Delivery of database driven visual application

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AOL – Technical Project Manager / Business Analysis (2007) Overall Budget: £100k+ Key Responsibilities:

  • Liaison person between the web developer and content providers
  • Scoping and monitoring the project
  • Planning, architecting and developing of the content portal
  • Use of data driven web applications
  • Managing developers using an agile methodology.

Key Achievements:

  • Delivery of content driven web application integrating third parties feeds

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World’s Best Places

World’s Best Places – Technical Project Manager / Film Production Manager (2010–2012) Overall Budget: £50k+ Key Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Technical scoping of a content platform, games & e-learning application
  • Build using PHP/MySQL open source Content Management System (CMS)
  • Development of data driven interactive content using Google Map and YouTube APIs
  • Creation and Management of web content including HD video, images and maps
  • Management of affiliate networks and use Web analytics and reports

Key Achievements:

  • Delivery of a travel blog with maps, videos and hotel booking
  • World’s Best Places YouTube Channel (3,000,000+ views)