Project Management

Project management is the most important of the all the services I offer.  It is the magic link between all the key stakeholders of a project.

I have many years of experience managing and launching different web and e-learning projects.  I proved numerous time to be able to complete a project on time, on budget and within the business and technical specifications.  Coming from a mix of business and technical background I am the perfect person to make your project a success.  I have a very good understanding of the latest web technologies, business processes and trends and most importantly  of the people and psychological factors that can make or break a project.

The project management topics I would like to cover includes:

  1. Successful project management
  2. Successful planning
  3. Successful risk and issues management
  4. Delivering quality
  5. Project management skills
  6. Project management software

Successful Project Management

Knowing the some studies reveals that up to 70% of all project fails, I will try to define what successful project management means to me.

A traditional definition of a successful project would be to deliver the project within the scope, the schedule and the budget. However what is even more crucial is for the completed project to reach its objectives and add value to the business. Therefore when I am starting a project I am concern about running it smoothly but I am also focusing on the desired results and the expected outcome.

Some of the main elements that I consider will make your project a success includes

  1. Successful planning
  2. Successful risk and issues management
  3. Delivering quality

Successful planning

Just as good management, successful planning is both an art and a science. It consist of a list of documents the describes the project and its execution, and should be defined in collaboration with the project owner. Some of the most important elements required at the end of the planning phase include:

  1. Project objectives and requirements which defines the overall purpose of the project and the precise components that it needs to have
  2. Project scope which includes what exactly will be included in the project
  3. Project deliverables which defines what are the key components to be deliver
  4. Project resources which includes the budget, the team, project owner
  5. Project schedule with the precise delivery dates

Successful Risk and issues management

Alongside the projects it is important to be fully aware of the project status, with all the risks and issue it entails. Successful risk management consist of those main steps

  1. Identification of the potential risks and issues
  2. Produce an action plan in case the risk happens
  3. Finally it is import to control and monitor to make sure that the right action plan is executed

Delivering quality

Delivering a quality project may be a tricky one and often no taken into consideration. To be able to track and monitor the quality of any project it is important to define what quality means to the project owner.

Project Management Skills

My key project management skills include:

  1. Liaison between the creative’s, technical and account department
  2. Negotiate scope, identify tasks
  3. Plan, estimate task duration and resource requirements, use of GANTT chart
  4. Schedule,  specify inter-task dependencies, critical path
  5. Organize and assign resources
  6. Direct the team effort, monitor and control progress, timekeeping
  7. Assess project results and experiences
  8. Risk management, manage unexpected events
  9. Use of Agile Methodologies such as scrum and extreme programming

Project Management Software

Proper software is an important element for good project management.  It is not only the way to become more efficient and effective, but it is especially vital for collaboration among all the project stakeholder.  My project management software of choice is Basecamp.  It provides a central place for all the stakeholders to get the relevant information, tasks and deadlines in one single place.  I might still use other office tools and the occasional Gant Chart but I am on the latest online tools.

To learn about all the software Mat Siems use please click here.

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