I have many years of experience in the internet industry including five years UK commercial experience as a web project manager and flash developer. I have built different data driven web based and e-learning solutions, leading and managing the different members of my team.  I proved myself to be able to handle different projects from the planning and analysis phases until the final implementation, respecting both the schedule, budget and technical constraints.

I like to think of myself as web consultant who specializes in project management, business analysis, information architecture, web application design and development and internet marketing.  I also consider myself as a web entrepreneur that understands how and why businesses work.  Having a set of my own solutions and blogs, I’m in a good position to bring value to your businesses.

I would be really interested in being part of your project. I have the skills, the experience and the ambition required for the task. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

My commercial experiences  include:

  1. Science Museum
  2. World’s Best Places
  3. Your Best London
  4. Your Best 100
  5. BBC, CBBC and Cbeebies
  6. Brando
  7. Publicis
  8. Skura
  9. CBBC Chuckle Vision Player
  10. AOL
  11. BDP
  12. Double Click
  13. BBC JAM

Science Museum of London

The Science Museum of London is one of the biggest and most acclaimed museum in the World.

Key Tasks & Responsibilities

Management and delivery of e-learning interactive applications with quality assurance of the appointed contractors  to deliver the work packages.  On a daily basis it included

managing the input, feedback, approvals and sign offs from all the different internal stakeholders and to  review the project progress and schedule meetings and deliverables.  Reporting to and liaison with the Head of Web and the S&H Project Manager.

Key Achievements

Launch of six e-learning interactive applications part of the Brought to life – Exploring the History of Medicine project.  It included the following

  1. Birth and Death
  2. Diagnosis
  3. Diseases and epidemics
  4. Mental Health and illness
  5. Technology and medicine
  6. Medical Traditions


World’s Best Places

World’s Best Places is the number one online resource for the world’s best destinations, top cities, favourite countries, paradise beaches, islands and for all the global destinations you must visit.

Key Tasks & Responsibilities

At World’s Best Places I was the Web Project Manager responsible for managing and launching travel content and flash interactive maps.  Build of a customize WordPress template, managed the production of various online video and developed numerous flash applications.  On a daily basis it involved planning, designing and developing of rich internet application, scoping and monitoring the project, development of flash maps and game using Action Script 3 classes, object oriented methodology and integrating with XML.

Key Achievements:

Build of web flash games and e-learning interactive maps.  Launch and monitor the site with currently producing thousands of visitors each month.



The BBC is the longest established and largest broadcaster in the world.  I had the chance to collaborate on numerous projects as both a technical project manager  and flash developer on the following:

  1. CBBC, Cbeebies as a technical Project Manager
  2. Cbeebies as a flash developer
  3. BBC JAM as a flash consultant

Key Tasks & Responsibilities as a TPM

As  a technical project manager  I was responsible for managing and launching various e-learning flash applications and games.  I had to work in partnership with senior executives and producers to realize their aspirations for products and services functionality, content delivery and publishing or broadcast solutions.  I had to lead the technical requirements gathering and confirming the processes. I had to manage the technical implementation of projects allowing risks and dependencies to be identified, understood and where possible, mitigated.  I acted as a first point of contact for all problems, obstacles and opportunities on a project, with issues including supplier dependencies, infrastructure and operational capability.  I had to provide timely alerts for Executives and Producers and FM&T Leaders where necessary. I had to ensure all development work is fully tested to meet BBC technical standards and guidelines

I had to ensure all work is documented as appropriate and such information and insight is easily accessible to all members of FM&T Vision.  I had o develop good relationships with key suppliers outside and around the BBC.  I had of keep abreast of developments in web, mobile and other interactive technologies.  I had to be aware of the full extent of any financial authority vested in the post and to ensure that it is exercised in accordance with agreed arrangements.

Key Achievements

Launch of the first phase of the e-learning Waybuloo flash interactive game.  Launch of the Nevaland and Ed And Oucho project.

Key Tasks & Responsibilities as a flash developer

As a senior flash developer I was in charge of the development of an interactive video driven application.  My responsibilities included scoping and monitoring and Development of the project, using flash and Action Script.

Key Achievements:

Build of web video driven flash application for Cbeebies.


The BBC jam was a £150 million curriculum based broadband learning service designed to encourage 5-16 year olds to explore, learn and create in new ways.  I had the chance to collaborate on 2 occasions on the BBC JAM project with one of the top agencies in the UK.  First with Tinopolis in South Wales and then with Tamarin Design and Cimex in central London.

jam.bbc.co.uk  http://www.tamarin.co.uk/, www.cimex.com

Key Tasks & Responsibilities as a flash developer

As a flash developer and information architect I was in charge of the development of a multitude of e-learning modules.  My responsibilities included scoping and monitoring and Development of the project, using flash and Action Script. I was the liaison person between the producer and the production team (developers, designers…).   I also had to have a good understanding of accessibility and design issues.

Key Achievements:

Development of and educational modules for the BBC Jam, using Flash 7 and action script2.

Brando Social

Brando Social is a social media agency doing online public relations campaigns and social media marketing.   It is part of the Canadian based Cossette group.


Key Tasks & Responsibilities

As a Technical Project Manager I was responsible for the technical direction and delivery of various interactive multimedia projects and social media campaigns.  On a daily basis I had to gather technical requirements, plan, analyze, design (IA), implement and maintain data driven web projects and marketing campaign.  I was responsible for the management of an outsource team of developers and designers.  I had to ensure all development is fully tested and documented.  I also were in charge of the development of flash projects using Action Script 3, WordPress implementation and customization and the implementation of various API’s including Google Maps, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook

Key Achievements:

Launch of two web pages built on the WordPress CMS with various flash animations.  Launch of two integrated social media campaign for Sony Eriksson.


Publicis is one of London’s top interactive agency.


Key Tasks & Responsibilities

As a Flash developer and Information architect I was responsible for scoping and monitoring various flash based projects.  On a daily basis I was coding flash projects using Action Script 3 and object oriented methodologies.

Key Achievements

Build of a web video driven flash application, and various flash based interactive menus and games.


Leader of software solutions and services, Skura continues to earn an envied reputation in process design, as well as technical development and support of Oracle technologies.


Key Tasks & Responsibilities:

As a multimedia consultant / Business analyst/ Head flash developer I was responsible for a the flash integration into their current products.  I was also in charge of business analysis and information architecture to improves the processes. On a daily basis I was coding flash projects using Action Script 3 and object oriented methodologies and creating business process maps.

Key Achievements

Build of various flash based prototypes, animations and data driven application. Built of various business process maps.


AOL is a global internet services and media company operated by Time Warner.


Key Tasks & Responsibilities:

As a content and web project manager I was responsible for managing and launching the polish AOL content portal.  My key responsibilities included being the liaison person between the various team of web developer, to select the most appropriate polish content providers, scoping, planning, analyzing and monitoring the development of the content portal and its data driven web applications.  Use of Agile methodology.

Key Achievements

Management and launch of polish AOL content portal.  Deliver a PDF report about the status of the polish internet market.

BDP Media

BDP Media is a well know E-leaning Company using media such as video, interactive tools, assessment systems and text-based resources, to build educational material.


As a senior Flash Developer and Flash Information Architect I was responsible for scoping, designing and developing of flash based e-leaning projects using Action Script 2 and object oriented methodology.  I was the liaison person between the designer, back end developer and accounts managers.

Key Achievements

Build of e-learning flash based projects and interactive presentations .

Double Click

Double Click is a global leader in digital marketing technology and services. The world’s top marketers, publishers and agencies rely on Double Click’s expertise in ad serving, rich media, video, search and affiliate marketing to help them make the most of the digital medium.


Key Tasks & Responsibilities

As a flash interactive marketing campaign manager I was responsible for delivering successful marketing campaign within schedule and technical specification.  I was the liaison person between the interactive agencies, account managers, developers and senior management.  On a daily basis I was building business presentations for new products or technology, working on ads using DART Motif, testing and debugging complex advertising campaigns, use of Double Click DFP ad management, use of DOT Project to manage campaigns.

Key Achievements

Managing and launch of various live flash interactive marketing campaigns.


Siems Production is an interactive agency specializing in e-learning application, video production and interactive maps.


Key Tasks & Responsibilities

At Siems Production as a web Project Manager and Flash Developer I was responsible for the whole life cycle of a web project from the initial design to the final implementation.  I was the liaison person between the client and the production team (developers, designers…) I was managing the development of a flash websites and interactive digital presentation, analysing of business needs and requirements,

Designing and pictures shot and their modifications in Fireworks and Implementation in Flash and Action Script, using XML and object oriented methodology.

Key Achievements:

Development of flash websites and interactive digital presentation.  Delivering projects on time, within budget and with complete customer satisfaction

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