The BBC jam was a £150 million curriculum based broadband learning service designed to encourage 5-16 year olds to explore, learn and create in new ways.  I had the chance to collaborate on 2 occasions on the BBC JAM project with one of the top agencies in the UK.  First with Tinopolis in South Wales and then with Tamarin Design and Cimex in central London.

Key Tasks & Responsibilities as a flash developer

As a flash developer and information architect I was in charge of the development of a multitude of e-learning modules.  My responsibilities included scoping and monitoring and Development of the project, using flash and Action Script. I was the liaison person between the producer and the production team (developers, designers…).   I also had to have a good understanding of accessibility and design issues.

Key Achievements:

Development of and educational modules for the BBC Jam, using Flash 7 and action script2.

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