Key Responsibilities:

  1. Gather, assess and refine key software product features and success criteria, ensuring the project deliverables match the product vision
  2. Refine the product & platform software functional attributes to provide a first-class user experience for both business and consumer users
  3. Define the software platform implementation roadmap through proof-of-concept, functional definition and product build and release, aligning with hardware delivery and infrastructure roll-out
  4. Coordinate business analysis, software development and user experience to ensure business goals, processes and functional requirements are adequately met to support the business case
  5. Work with the project Technical Director and Software Architect to define software and systems to support the product functional requirements
  6. Work with the client software team to define and deliver a heavily tailored customer experience which eases technology adoption and drives usage

Key Achievements:

  • Delivery of a combined hardware/software product targeted at emerging markets
  • Implementation of a micro-finance software solution (mobile payments, subscription)
  • Implementation of a web-based content delivery platforms with API-based integrations

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