I had the chance to acquire two diplomas of higher education from Business schools and a College and High School Degree from a International French School

Business and technology degree

John Molson School of Business, Concordia University

In 2005 I obtained my Bachelor of Commerce from the John Molson School of Business of the Concordia University in Montreal.  The Commerce program involves education in all aspects of business including accountancy, marketing, management, economics, finance, human resources management, international business, operations management and entrepreneurship.

My major was in Decision Science and Management of Information Systems (MIS). The program consists of courses on computer hardware, software technology, the development, use and management of Information Systems. It included courses on project management, telecommunication technology, systems analysis and design methodologies, micro computer technologies, programming languages (VB.Net, C++, Java) and web design, development, usability and accessibility.

Accountant degree

HEC, University of Montreal

While doing my business degree I also completed a Certificate in Accounting  at the HEC – Higher Business School in Montreal in 2003. The Accounting program consists of financial accounting, management and cost accounting, taxation, business law, accounting theory and accounting information systems.

Film Production Degree

College Stanislas, International French School

In 1999 I completed an International College degree in Letter and Art with a specialization in cinema.  The program consist of film history, script writing, film production, actor direction, post production and video editing.  I also won second prize for a script writing challenge.

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